Is this your lawn?
What is a Lawn Thrower?!?

Your average lawn mower will discharge the grass clippings about 8" out and straight to the ground causing grass clumps. With the Lawn Thrower attached the grass clippings will be thrown over 3 feet and land evenly on the ground. No more clumps!

Introducing an innovative accessory to your lawn mower. The Lawn Thrower will reduce and eliminate the dreaded lawn clumps that de-beautify your lawn.

  • Made out of solid aluminum bar, the Lawn Thrower will not rust. Its simple design allows anyone to install in just minutes.

  • The Lawn Thrower attaches to the mower deck raising the chute to an elevation that allows your clippings to disperse more evenly reducing and eliminating the clumps.

  • The Lawn Thrower attaches underneath and hides. Fully adjustable, the Lawn Thrower can be set to any angle that fits your needs.

Attaching with simple tools, The Lawn Thrower will help you have that perfect looking lawn!

Allow it to look like this!
No more Bungee cords or Rope!